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Up In Space

by TheFourthKingIV

TheFourthKingIV’s newest cosmic offering, “Up In Space,” will take you on an out-of-this-world adventure. Through their baffling Channel “Not Really,” this mysterious musician transports listeners on a musical journey beyond Earth.

The origins of TheFourthKingIV, a band supposedly from the middle of nowhere in the United States, are buried in mystery. An ethereal symphony that goes beyond the range of human hearing, “Up in Space” is a tribute to the appeal of science fiction.

Awe and wonderment will overcome you as you immerse yourself in this cosmic audio journey, where throbbing rhythms and ethereal melodies merge. The celestial creatures of TheFourthKingIV put up a galactic concert to show off the symphonic beauty of space to rapt spectators.

Get ready to be transported on a ride through the cosmos as “Up In Space” sparks your imagination and whisks you away to faraway galaxies.



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