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La Musa del Arrabal

by Tango Spleen Orquesta

Italy becomes the stage for a passionate Tango experience as Tango Spleen Orquesta unveils their latest composition, “La Musa del Arrabal.” Founded in 2008 by Argentine virtuoso Mariano Speranza, the orchestra is a beacon in the Tango scene, captivating audiences worldwide.

“La Musa del Arrabal” transcends musical borders, blending Tango, Latin, World, Milonga, and Candombe genres. Tango Spleen’s rich history, including performances in over twenty countries and unique distinctions, solidifies its status as a Tango powerhouse.

Led by Speranza’s musical prowess, the orchestra has graced prestigious festivals, from Europe to Argentina. “La Musa del Arrabal” is a testament to Tango Spleen’s ability to intertwine tradition and innovation, creating a rhythmic masterpiece that echoes across Italy and beyond. Step into the enchanting world of Tango with Tango Spleen Orquesta’s latest, where every note tells a story of passion and artistry.

Tango Spleen Orquesta

Tango Spleen Orquesta

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