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by Skibbe

Hermann Skibbe, the creative force behind the musical project Skibbe, introduces us to the liberating sounds of “Free.” As a singer-songwriter, Skibbe weaves a musical tapestry that transcends genres, blending elements of pop and rock in this upcoming release.

Skibbe, hailing from Europe, brings a unique perspective to his music, and “Free” is no exception. The song unfolds as a melodic journey, inviting listeners to break free from constraints and embrace a sense of liberation. With each note and lyric, Skibbe paints a sonic landscape that resonates with the spirit of independence.

“Free” is a glimpse into Skibbe’s forthcoming album, ‘Passengers,’ promising an immersive experience for music enthusiasts. As the melody flows, it carries the promise of a musical voyage where listeners can find solace and inspiration. Get ready to embark on a harmonious journey with Skibbe’s “Free.”

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