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Last Ride Home

by Frank Poelman

Get ready for a musical journey with “Last Ride Home,” the latest blues-rock masterpiece by Frank Poelman, in collaboration with Next Avenue Band from Belgium. Frank Poelman, the driving force behind this soulful track, showcases his prowess as both a vocalist and guitarist.

Hailing from Belgium, Frank Poelman penned “Last Ride Home” in 2021, a testament to his enduring passion for blues-rock. The song, recently remixed and remastered in November 2023, takes on new life, promising a fresh sonic experience for listeners.

“Last Ride Home” invites you to join Frank Poelman on a poignant journey, where expressive vocals and skillful guitar work converge. Whether you’re a blues-rock enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, this collaboration between Frank Poelman and Next Avenue Band promises to be an unforgettable musical escapade.

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