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Leave You There

by Jerry Ao & Wiser Observer

There’s a lot about this release that makes “Leave You There” work well with its title, not just the all-simple loop of the hook that’s sure to make you remember and identify with it – even among some of the hardest and most saturated hip hop playlists around right now. The vocal style and delivery of the song’s hook all add up to something full of character – these short, rhythmic lyrics contrast sharply with a slightly subtle, soft musical background.

Jerry Ao, a 22-year-old gamer and musician, was born in Chongqing, China. In his early years, he immigrated to Canada at the age of 7. He has a passion for music. One of the first songs he heard when he arrived in Canada was “Forgot About Dre” from his “2001” album. During his high school years, he wrote his first rap song just for fun and performed it at his school. Also, some of his favorite artists are DaBaby, Machine Gun Kelly, Jack Harlow, Dumbfoundead, and others.

Something with a good groove to look for, easy to vibrate, and relatively easy to identify – everything about this is well done. Jerry Ao & Wiser Observer inspires good times by showcasing that lifestyle and those dreams throughout his lyrics and of course in the accompanying audio. The track has a smooth and colorful finish that allows for action.

At its core, this is a track that should be buzzing as the weekend kicks off. Jerry Ao & Wiser Observer paves his way through the music world, combining elements of hip-hop and dance-pop, among other influences. These creative edges can be heard and appreciated by everyone who listens to this release, but hearing it playing in the background is equally effective in delivering a simple, relatable beat that’s likely to satisfy contemporary audiences.

Considering the influx of simplistic, repetitive rap of late, a release like this is notable for its striking level of back-and-forth between characters and space within the music. The tune itself has a subtle yet definite flair, although you’ll definitely recognize the hook and the ambiance after one listens – there’s always something new to catch your attention on every revisit. For hip-hop fans, this often appeals precisely—something with more value than what first appears on the surface. Easy shot. Expect even bigger and better things in the coming months and years.


Jerry Ao

Jerry Ao & Wiser Observer

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