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Living Water

by Riser

“Living Water” is one of the most spiritual and glorious gospel songs released this year by Mariana Herrera A.K.A Riser. Not only does “Living Water” have a beautiful melody, but it is also created with lyrics that speak to all of us. The delicate arrangement is crowned with powerful lyrics and sweetly sung by Riser. He adds sweet gospel vocals to the pastel tone, bringing to mind the unconditional love of God towards us. One of the highlighting facts of the track is, Riser performs bringing a delicious nonchalance to this gifted anthem. Moreover, the songwriting is imaginative – remarkable and thoughtfully written.

“lets the drops of your promises pour in
Let the shower of love stream down
Let a flood of faith rush in
And a beautiful bath of blessin’s
Living water light of the world
Living wonder as above so below.”

It is a fact that Riser has a mastery of making his music sound incredibly effortless, always bestowing his listeners positive vibrations. Focusing on the chorus, it is entirely benign and ear-catching. The background music of the song is extremely powerful, a fine blend of gently played acoustic guitar with the joyful rhythm inviting the listeners to get wet in the rain of God’s love. This song is ideal to play at memorial services more importantly a great listening to cleanse your mind with the glorified lyrics. Overall “Living Water” is another impressive addition to Riser’s entirely stacked compilation. What makes “Living Water” so awesome? Soulful production, nurturing vocals, and great songwriting.

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