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Show’em what you’ve got

by Ostarè

For Ostarè, music illuminated a journey from the turbulence of a tough childhood to triumphs as a musical creator. Moving to the U.S. at a young age, she trained as a musician, excelled as a songwriter and pop artist, and commanded stages from Los Angeles and Las Vegas to Hong Kong and Paris. A devastating car accident changed her life and inspired a shift from recording and performing pop music to exploring deeper themes of enlightenment and positivity. Sharing her name with the Anglo-Saxon goddess of Spring, Ostarè now distils messages of resurrection and rebirth with insightful lyrics matched by impactful music. Her songs uplift and guide, as she dedicates them to others who have been through life-changing experiences. With a newly-released single, “Show Em What You Got,” Ostarè asserts this message: “I’ve got something your money can’t buy.” Against a formidable electronic backdrop of bold beats and blazing instrumentation, the French-born, Los Angeles-based musical provocateur issues a potent lyrical proclamation infused with power and purpose.

“Ostarè is a rebirth, beyond music I am devoted to healing the inner child in everyone. By sharing my gifts from God, I am committed to igniting the champion within and empowering people to be their best selves! The moment of my accident, I realised this could have been it, I saw a flash of the impact I was leaving behind me. After that, I decided to surrender to the Gifts God put in my heart and be my true self. My first single “God Loves a Woman” is a message from my journey, that no matter the hardship I encounter, God loves me no matter what. I no longer need to seek love outside of me and if everyone discovers this connection with God or any spiritual belief a person has, then we can help heal many people especially children and women who experienced abuse, violence or any kind of neglect as a child where a parent isn’t present. Soon after, I wrote “Show’em What You’ve Got,” which debuts on February 15th, 2022 as well as the music video which comes out February 22, 2022. This song was all I had to tell my ex-boyfriend as no matter what I did I was judged, criticised and not enough for him. I was exhausted until I took my power back. This song is the next step of healing, where we show ourselves how to show up and take responsibility for everything from the failures, the successes, the rights and wrongs we do, making us stronger and never letting anyone tell us we’re not worthy or good enough. Our looks, weight, status, doesn’t determine who we are. Our character does and how we treat ourselves is key to what we get back from the reality we perceive as true. That is why connecting with our authentic selves is so important. That is exactly what I did to take my power back and not surrender to circumstances. If I can get myself back with all the obstacles that I encountered as an immigrant, artist, and as a single woman living the dream in LA, then everything is possible.”

“Show Em What You Got” issues a challenge to superficial impressions and materialism as it extols a message of determined self-reliance — a creed that is thought-provoking, inspirational, and undeniable. Show’em your true authentic self regardless of the barriers and what you are told. Having that inner connection with self and becoming the authentic version God created you to be. “No one can tell you who you are, there is only one authentic version of you,” says Ostarè. “You know and you have a mission – don’t get discouraged. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.” let this masterwork sprinkle positivity and self-confidence to the life celebrating your inner child with Ostarè’s mastery of music.

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