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Lone Wolf

by Detor

Get ready to dive into the raw and unfiltered world of Detor with his latest release, “Lone Wolf.” Hailing from the UK, Detor brings a distinct flavor to the rap scene, intertwining gritty beats with authentic storytelling.

Detor, a rising force in the rap game, has a story to tell. As a lone wolf navigating the streets and sounds of the UK, his music reflects the essence of his journey. No stranger to the struggles and triumphs, Detor’s lyricism cuts through, painting a vivid picture of his experiences.

“Lone Wolf” isn’t just a song; it’s a sonic voyage into Detor’s world, where the streets meet the rhythm, and the lone wolf howls with unapologetic authenticity. Brace yourself for a UK rap experience like never before, as Detor leaves his mark with “Lone Wolf.”

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