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Marshall Mabry
Marshall Mabry ft. Melissa Smith

On Calvary I’ll Stand

by Marshall Mabry ft. Melissa Smith

Embrace the uplifting melodies of Marshall Mabry’s latest creation, “On Calvary I’ll Stand,” featuring the soulful vocals of Melissa Smith. Hailing from the sunshine state of Florida, Marshall Mabry is more than a musician; he’s a Christian artist, songwriter, and producer on a divine mission.

In the realm of Contemporary Christian music, Mabry’s devotion shines through every note. “On Calvary I’ll Stand” is a spiritual journey, guided by the compass of the Cross of Calvary. It echoes the profound message of peace amid life’s trials.

Immerse yourself in this transcendent collaboration that not only showcases Mabry’s musical prowess but also becomes a beacon of inspiration, reminding us to stand firm on the sacred ground of Calvary. Let the harmonies of faith resound as Marshall Mabry and Melissa Smith deliver a melody that reaches hearts far and wide.

Marshall Mabry

Marshall Mabry ft. Melissa Smith

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