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Lonesome Highway Superstar
Chris Ianuzzi
Chris Ianuzzi

Lonesome Highway Superstar

by Chris Ianuzzi

Chris Ianuzzi offers music fans a dazzling array of vocals that veer back and forth between the hauntingly beautiful and soulful soundscape. “Lonesome Highway Superstar” is a great song, with anticipation or soaring intensity from Offset – the rap vibe and of course, the lyrical delivery comes with a level of undiscovered or slow weight gain.

This feels like a big track, but the building blocks feel remarkably organic. Then you have the electronic soundscape driving most of the movement, barely noticeable, subtle or in some respects overpowered. In addition, there are some flickers of distant synths or sounds that add another character’s touch. However, for the most part, it’s the dominant voice and lyrics that drive the experience and captivate the listener.

It’s a catchy record, to be sure—artists united by a common love for the genre and musical self-expression in general. You can hear this in every feature and you can see it in the accompanying video. That central idea certainly gives the song its edge—putting it slightly outside the mainstream and pushing it in its own, stylish, thoughtful and memorable direction.

Once the sound becomes familiar, it happens so fast that you really start to notice, and connect with the lyrics and the way the artist delivers them. As stated, there is passion in vocal performance, and this varies according to what the line or moment requires. The subject matter is clearly something close to mind, and the thought process is heavy, which means you see this roller-coaster ride through personal turmoil back to acceptance. The use of contrast in performance adds dynamic variation to an otherwise smooth and simply hypnotic piece of music. “Lonesome Highway Superstar” certainly brings something unique and distinctive to the scene.

This is a great release, soft and raw at the same time – the kind of sound that would certainly work wonders in a live show. Chris Ianuzzi has his thing, it’s real and full of personality. Worth exploring.

Chris Ianuzzi

Chris Ianuzzi

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