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Mexican Puppets

by Dallas Perkins

Dallas Perkins’ latest release is “Mexican Puppets”. Heavy riffs, satisfying distortions and powerful drums guide us into this rock environment of reflective, thoughtful songwriting. It’s a song with a lot of positive energy and a really strong vibe. Classical guitar riffs and immersive, pounding drums get the listener’s heart pumping and hook him or her into the song.


Dallas Perkins is the rock artist from Los Angeles who delivered this track that gave us goosebumps. A properly energetic performance and an essentially addictive tune easily leave his mark throughout the track.


There’s a depth to this track, darkness even, that really feels like it’s in a league all its own. As always, the changes are immaculate, the music builds, builds, breaks, structurally creative and fascinating, but in between all this there is a definite sense that something new has been achieved. It’s like he has taken this incredible leap forward into the alternative territory, without sacrificing anything we loved about him.


Given the current state of the world, it is a necessary song that conveys a powerful message to listeners. The song is sure to be a fan favorite. You’ll all find this amazing work a deliberate deep dive, bringing you real music, both personally and broadly.

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