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Yina Menez & Tribal Kush
Yina Menez & Tribal Kush


by Yina Menez & Tribal Kush

Yina Menez and Tribal Kush have released a new music video, “Mariposa,” and it is electric. This song’s addictive sounds are a mix of Dembow and Reggaeton Latin, two Latin dance music styles.

Yina Menez, an artist with Dominican and Dutch roots, displays her ardor and fortitude in her latest single, “Mariposa.” Yina’s early life was marked by the discovery and subsequent therapeutic usage of music. She is the confident person she is now because of her training in the performing arts and her work as an entrepreneur.

The “Mariposa” music video is a stunning production that perfectly captures the spirit of the song and displays Yina’s captivating performance style. The video was filmed in eye-catching settings, immersing spectators in a world of positive energy.

Yina Menez’s tale is one of perseverance, authenticity, and freedom; it should motivate others to do the same. Yina is an inspiration to everybody who wants to live an outstanding life because of her boundless energy and unyielding will.

Listen to “Mariposa” by Yina Menez and Tribal Kush and be captivated by the mesmerizing sounds and stunning sights. If you want to get down to the addictive rhythms and vivacious energy of this great singer, I highly recommend checking out the original music video on YouTube.

Yina Menez & Tribal Kush

Yina Menez & Tribal Kush

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