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Born Insane

by Stevski7

The new single “Born Insane” from Stevski7 is a hard rock anthem with alternative influences. Stevski7 is a musician and songwriter from Quebec, Canada, recognized for his grunge-influenced style and infectious hooks.

Stevski7 creates a sonic universe that immerses listeners in the pure essence of rock with soaring electric guitars and the thunderous crash of live drums. His work, with its emphasis on concept and the power of melody, is a reflection of his insatiable curiosity and dedication to music throughout his life.

The album “Born Insane” exemplifies Stevski7’s bold and rousing musical style. The lyrics and music are sincere and touching, touching on universal human experiences. It’s a poignant reminder of how rock music can take its audience on an emotional and spiritual journey.

Listen to “Born Insane,” Stevski7’s mesmerizing blend of rock and alternative music, and be prepared to have your soul stirred.


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