Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Mike Klaw


Mike Klaw’s “Martha” song is very well crafted and hotly produced and I forgot to review it for the first time. The music fills the room like a live soft beat song. Despite the subtlety and smoothness of everything, the energy is hopeful and uplifting. This instrumentation radiates a little bit of the organic folk world and also has a slightly more subtle and stylish glow in the sound display. Structurally this works well, bringing everything to life at once refreshing and colorful, and then effectively conveying the space created by the soundtrack and the lead artist’s voice to the hooks for the lyrics.

Mike klaw is a singer, DJ, producer and a good performer. He comes from Nigeria. From an early age, he was drawn to music because of his sense of connection and energy between nature and sound. After this magnetic pull, he chooses the melodies he hears on various instruments and spells, as if unlocking a secret door into a magical world where he feels safe, understood, beautiful, inspired and what music is all about.

The rhythm of the song is great, and those musical moments really show an edge with a light entertaining feel. The melody in the lines, the poem, and the presented illustrations quickly sink in. The shortness of the lines helps in this regard, you can remember some parts after listening once and then every time you come back to the song more and more.

You will get a sense of secure identity and personality, and will bring them back for more releases as viewers search for that familiar sound from here on out. And the professional aspect, the crisp and powerful power of the beat, makes it perfect. And an incredibly easy to shock release.

The subtext of the song is beautiful, valuable and important. The song has depth and is reflected in an honest and emotionally humane way. This song really captured the professional side of music composition and the open, genuine side of being an artist. ‘Mike Claw’ has done a great song.

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