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Martin Scorsese
In Tha Hillz
In Tha Hillz

Martin Scorsese

by In Tha Hillz

In Tha Hillz is an artist and writer who describes music as his heartbeat. He is also the President and Founder of Double E TV to showcase new artists and spread the word about their music. When In Tha Hillz is not writing or recording, he spends time in the gym, working on dual E TV, and spending time with his beloved wife GuoHua. As the Founder and President of Glad Tidings Community Outreach, he aims to inspire the community in a positive and inspiring way.

In Tha Hillz’s latest song, “Martin Scorsese” fills you with a pleasant shock and a mix of subtle rap and melody. It has deliberate depth as well as endless determination and push. Art can gain access to things while maintaining things in person.

The song begins with a catchy melody and a strong lyrical background. ‘In Tha Hillz’ has created a great soundtrack. After that, the verbal pulse travels under the influence – the short lines attract attention, and a variety of currents effectively activate the rising parts of the track to keep it going.

“Martin Scorsese” begins with a somewhat ordinary vocal setting – modern hip hop and rap clash with a decisive dream tune. Even if you focus your attention on the natural and captivating flow of these tones and rhythms, you will soon see a stylistic past.

The fact that the song’s hook has an immediately remembered and pleasurable groove adds fuel to the fire. Though it appears infrequently – the music is hardly more than four minutes long in total – it strikes the spot and ensures you get into it and remember it for the next time.

In the midst of all this, there are those columns, those lines that show absolute performance – far more than a poetic interpretation. In Tha Hillz brings life to the track and that life lasts until the end. So far, this is my personal favourite song of the year. “Martin Scorsese” is a powerful track that is eye-opening in many ways but also full of irresistible positive shocks that skillfully vary with the weight of the subject matter.


In Tha Hillz

In Tha Hillz

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