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March of Madness

by Chris Ianuzzi

New York’s electronic music visionary Chris Ianuzzi is at home on the brink of creativity and chaos on April 8, the comprehensive new album released via Satellite Symphonics, “Maze”. Chris is not only a leading innovator in electronic music but also exhibits a visual and confusing signature. For this release, he directed A.I. The technology for the new music video for “March of Madness”, and the mind-bending result, is without a doubt one of the best music videos of the last 10 years.

This video was created by E Serkan Sökmen and İlke Köse, using a CLIP-guided-Diffusion notebook called Disco Diffusion and various other AI tools and techniques. Reality is constantly bending and changing shape as it takes us further into the depths of Ianuzzi’s creative consciousness. If that’s not enough, Dolby Atmos will release “March of Madness” on Special Audio with the album. Chris Ianuzzi avoids the mainstream release of bold, non-judgmental mainstream music for serious listeners. Even so, he has a devilishly good time to do it. With original synthetic music, IDM, industrial surroundings, bugs and technology, Chris Ianuzzi’s workplace, the other foot touches something weird and fresh. According to ReGen, Ianuzzi’s music ‘declares that he is here to rejoice in a new future’. Finally, this is the best headphone music.

As mentioned the sound is fresh and has a beautiful satisfying rhythm to distribute. Furthermore, the voice brings out all the emotions related to carrying the concept of the song well. You hear the desire behind the words, and it becomes clearer once you get used to the soundtrack.

The progress of the music is amazing, there is organic sound for most instruments, and the electric shock that accompanies all of this is beautifully inspired and continues to be creative. An additional blessing is that, as suggested, despite the artist’s precision and undeniable ability – music plays to express a story and a set of emotions. There are moments of space and silence, and of course, moments of intensity and clear joy that re-assemble and re-enter your listening space. It is especially pleasing to listen to at a high volume.


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