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Champ de Mars
Champ de Mars


by Champ de Mars

New from Champ de Mars is the indie rock anthem “Martyr,” accompanied by a music video. The new album by the DC-based musician features heartfelt vocals, chugging guitar riffs, and a thumping rhythm section, all of which combine to make for a powerful and cathartic listening experience.

The music video for “Martyr” has the same profound effect, as it follows a solitary character as he or she wanders through a deserted city at night, facing personal demons and ultimately finding solace in the music.

With their distinct fusion of indie rock and pop influences, Champ de Mars has been steadily gaining a fanbase, and “Martyr” is a potent addition to their discography. In particular, this new album will appeal to listeners who enjoy the music of Arcade Fire, The National, and Interpol.

Check out the “Martyr” music video to hear Champ de Mars’ mighty sound for yourself.


Champ de Mars

Champ de Mars

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