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Super Killer Robots
Super Killer Robots
Super Killer Robots

Chaos Reigns

by Super Killer Robots

The Buffalo, New York rock band Super Killer Robots have dropped their new track, “Chaos Reigns.” The music video for the pounding track portrays the band’s raw enthusiasm onstage brilliantly.

The song’s opening guitar riff and drum beat foreshadow the song’s overall mood: a frenetic, chaotic ride. Vocals are forceful and aggressive, and the song’s themes of chaos and the need for order are examined in the lyrics. The guitar solos really show off the band’s technical ability and dedication to hard rock, and they’re pretty much nonstop action.

The members of Super Killer Robots have been making music together for almost a decade, during which time they have honed their style and amassed a large and devoted fan base. Fans of hard rock and heavy metal will love their newest album, “Chaos Reigns,” the latest addition to their stellar discography. Visit their YouTube account to watch the music video.


Super Killer Robots

Super Killer Robots

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