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by Sarah Bernstein

“We could make it far, just a girl and her guitar,” Sarah wrote a song called ‘Being Seventeen’ about establishing herself as a songwriter. Her first song, ‘Man in the Moon’ (2012), was released later that year, and songs such as ‘Boomerang’ and ‘One Night Only’ remained in her library. Her 2019 EP ‘Spellbound’ is a treat to her new home and a passion project she has been compiling for several years. The first of four songs recorded at the House of David Studios in Nashville, Tennessee, is her 2020 song ‘Tall 3M’. Her latest release, Maxine (2022), is a compliment to pop-rock in the 90s and early 2000s.

Today, Sarah is best known throughout the city for her signature ‘Victor’ green guitar, named after Victor Frankenstein. When asked what motivates her as a songwriter, the answer is simple: “My best song hasn’t been written yet… I truly believe that, and I hope I’ll never stop trying.

Now for something creatively clean and aesthetic, Intriguingly known as Sarah Bernstein, “Maxine” combines genres with lyrically absorbing sound design and personal, thoughtful writing in a pleasingly expressive way.

“Maxine” combines pop, soul, and singer-songwriter emotion with its soft and occasional cursive voice close to Falsetto, due to the strength of its rising hook melody and the catchy nature of the arrangement. Creating an instant dynamic and warm atmosphere, the track’s rhythm is quickly smooth and equally soft – it brings out a surprisingly pop-kissed melody and a series of deeply intimate lyrics.

The song begins with a clear sense of the originality of the content in a fantastic pop layer that allows it to reach a huge audience. Overall, Sarah Bernstein’s dedication to music, talent, and the process makes for significant releases on each occasion. It’s a must-see directory. Listen to this amazing pop song and stay tuned with Sarah Bernstein for her newest creations. And also, we are waiting for her best songwriting.

Sarah Bernstein

Sarah Bernstein

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