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Oakland Hearts


by OaklandHearts

‘OaklandHearts’ an artist who is of African American origin is based in Oakland, California and he predominantly comes under the genres of Hip Hop,Rap and R&B.Don’t get confused the artist’s title name is OaklandHearts and the title of the song is ‘Melanin’.For those of who you don’t know the man behind the OaklandHearts, he is Elijah Jones.

I personally love the track Melanin ( To be honest,I’m not a huge fan of Hip Hop, as some artists of this genre rarely address about the sentimental aspects ) and for the fans of Hip Hop and Rap ,this track will definitely be one of your favs as Elijah Jones has touched my heart and I’m pretty confident it will do yours as well.

The controversy created by the society on Black people because of their skin color is the central theme of the song and I admire an upcoming artist like OaklandHearts has addressed this very sensitive and sensible topic that is well known for everyone..I personally don’t like the term ‘ Black’ as these people have an identity of their own and they should be addressed as the African American instead.

The effort OaklandHearts has put in creating this stunning masterpiece is commendable as he has used techniques such as symbols to bring out the essence of the song in an effective way. ( If you watch the video you can find what the symbol is.)

I will not go in detail about what the song is about as it is you who has to figure it out but I have given you an overall idea of the song just to highlight the key factors in it. The insecurities, and the trauma of being an African American is showcased while this can also be seen as a tribute to women of this origin as they are often judged and criticized for their skin color. Melanin is the perfect title for the song ,as it holds a powerful message of colourism and self love.

Oakland Hearts


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