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Night Fire


D$AVAGE has been leading the new talent pool since its inception. He is a resident of Gonzales, Louisiana. He compares his flow to hometown heroes like Kevin Gates and Lil Wayne, who all inspire him. His talents include songwriting, producing, rapping and singing.

“Night Fire Official Lyric Video” by “D$AVAGE” introduces a creative approach to hip hop – a creative and spacious backdrop with a hook that continuously reinforces the central idea. Easy to rock to the musical background and rhythm of that hook section, it feels like most of the track at first, but soon the lyrics quickly try to blow your mind. The quirky wordplay will capture your mind instantly.

You’ll be blown away by the vocals on this track, and the song itself is inescapably woven into your consciousness in an unforgettable way. That’s not easy to do new hip-hop, but “D$AVAGE” has found a way and it’s done without too much volume or unnecessary lows. The song is based on a custom-made Glock 17 by black rose firearms. Inspired by the actual video game night fire from the 007 series.

“Night Fire Official Lyric Video” is a captivating track, masterfully crafted to hold your attention throughout, offering multiple layers of personality and openness that allow you to feel an instant connection with the artist. You can draw your own meanings from these strikingly ambiguous statements, essentially taking something very personal and making it your own. As the calling card of a great song – an incredibly intimate and honest piece of artistic expression, but at the same time allowing it to be accessible and understood by a wider audience.

“D$AVAGE” has managed to find the balance between the sound of the moment – this ever-popular and energetic approach to hip hop/rap and something undeniably unique. His sound is refreshingly original, particularly simple from a musical perspective, yet fascinating in its linguistic composition.

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