Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Filla

Filla, a rapper from Portugal, has just released his new track, “Mikagura,” which features an enthralling music video. It’s a great demonstration of Filla’s lyrical and storytelling skills, with clever wordplay and a slick flow laid over a funky boom-bap instrumental. The accompanying music video is just as remarkable, showing the rapper’s unique artistic perspective through breathtaking visuals and carefully created cinematography.

Filla, a native of Portugal, has been making waves in the country’s hip hop industry for a while. Filla has made a name for himself in hip hop with his signature sound, which fuses modern production with vintage samples. His past albums have been well received by critics, and “Mikagura” looks like it will do the same. Follow Filla on social media to learn about his forthcoming releases and see the music video on YouTube.



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