Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by River Nelson & AltoBeats

The veteran hip-hop performer River Nelson and the Mexican-American beat creator AltoBeats collaborate on their most recent song, “Mindfulness.” This song perfectly captures the spirit of modern hip-hop with its combination of razor-sharp lyricism and excellent beats.

The career of River Nelson in the music business is remarkable. He started out with Arista Records and eventually worked with well-known musicians like the Boogiemonsters. His collaboration with British producer Lewis Parker produced critically lauded albums, such as “The Rise & Fall of River Nelson.”

AltoBeats, a native of Pacoima, California, has a strong musical history. His influences, who include Quincy Jones and J Dilla, come from his classical training in music theory. They have developed a distinctive sonic fusion with River Nelson, which can be heard in their 2021 album, “Like the Sun Didn’t Sink.”

“Mindfulness” exemplifies how two gifted musicians can work together to create hip-hop that appeals to listeners all around the world. It’s evidence of the hip-hop genre’s dynamic environment, where innovation and teamwork flourish.

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