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Stomp on the Devil

by Skerrit Bwoy

Skerrit Bwoy has had one of the most incredible careers of any electronic dance music (EDM) musician. Skerrit Bwoy’s musical voyage begins with his birth on the lively Caribbean island of Antigua and continues through his upbringing in the busy neighborhoods of The Bronx, New York City, where he has performed at everything from Dancehall Reggae parties with Ghetto Life Entertainment to EDM festivals with Major Lazer. His life, however, takes an unexpected turn that truly distinguishes him.

Skerrit Bwoy took a courageous decision when he abandoned the throbbing basslines of electronic dance music in favor of a more fervent devotion to his Christian faith. As a Christian musician who successfully combines the vitality of EDM with the spiritual resonance of Gospel music, he now represents a ray of light in the music industry. His music ministry is truly global, encompassing styles from all over the world.

The success of “Stomp on the Devil” is a reflection of Skerrit Bwoy’s innovative style. His music has reached listeners as far as the Caribbean and as close as the Bronx. From his album of the same name titled “Jesus Party Vol. 1,” this upbeat cut is more than simply a beat; it’s a proclamation of faith and a celebration of life.

Skerrit Bwoy’s illuminating life story serves as a timely reminder of the positive and transformative potential of music. The fact that his record “Jesus Party” reached #1 on iTunes is evidence of the widespread appeal of his message. “Stomp on the Devil” encourages its listeners to move not only to the music, but also toward a deeper religious connection, with each and every dance beat.

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