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by Second Function

The Swiss rock band Second Function is back with a new single called “Moonshine,” a rousing tribute to the infamous moonshiner Popcorn Sutton. Released in 2023, the song lauds the unconventional character of its protagonist, who has “liquid fire running through his veins.”

Popcorn Sutton defied the “iron grip” of authorities and lived to tell the tale. His resilience is perfectly encapsulated in Second Function, which highlights his willingness to face hardship with compassion, generosity, and unyielding resolution.

In addition to celebrating Popcorn Sutton, “Moonshine” highlights the significant contribution that moonshine culture has made to society by pushing the limits and discovering new avenues of expression. The song’s rock and alternative rock vibe reflects the rebellious spirit and independence of this subculture art form.

Fans of Popcorn Sutton and the defiant tradition of moonshining will love Second Function’s “Moonshine,” which demonstrates the band’s commitment to storytelling via song.

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