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Shall I Compare Thee
Morten Poulsen
Morten Poulsen

Shall I Compare Thee

by Morten Poulsen

Danish composer Morten Poulsen, who was born in 1973 and is originally from the town of Helsingr, has written a choral masterwork with the ageless title “Shall I Compare Thee.” Poulsen began his musical education at the age of twenty, when he enrolled at the Royal Academy of Music to study composition and theory. He pursued his dream of becoming a church organist and graduated with his degree in 1994, setting the scene for his successful career.

Poulsen is well-known in Denmark because of his choral compositions. He has performed in the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Vietnam, and South Africa, and has worked with some of Denmark’s best choirs.

Morten Poulsen, a Danish Composers’ Society member, is a constant source of excellence in the field of classical choral composition. His work in choral music is ageless and moving, and his album “Shall I Compare Thee” is a monument to his skill and passion.

Morten Poulsen

Morten Poulsen

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