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More Electro

by KNY

“More Electro” by “KNY” is a brilliantly arranged EDM track, with RnB-like melody, EDM-like layers and synth work giving the whole thing a sense of character. The first time you hear the piece it feels like it deserves to share the stage with many of the big hits of recent years, but the second time you hear it – those progressions, those notes, effects and finishes and of course KNY’s lead vocal tone and performance. Style – all this is now immediately familiar and can now be recognized for what it is. “More Electro” has character, but it also has that all-important professional and relevant sheen that’s likely to make waves among music fans.

Since he was a kid, he had been intrigued by music. He found the person who inspired him, K-391. He was the inspiration of many people and KNY was one of them. KNY believes K-391 is the god of electro, that is why KNY makes the music.

Conceptually and of course lyrically this is one of the most catchy and easy-to-escape songs of the summer. There is such a thing as a subtle level of skill in music. The milieu is very cool, but the More Electro’s delivery is quick and unwavering — his flow is relentless, scarcely pausing to breathe; When he does, so do you. His control of the track and the moment is everything.

The sheer volume of the lyrics means that one listen isn’t enough, but it’s easier to listen to more than once – your mind catches the words more effectively, and you feel a bit like you’re lifting the rising energy of the performance. with. And still, that blissful subtle guitar riff plays behind it all. Worth a listen if you’re looking for something a little different, caring but still easy to rock.

The second time you listen you can kind of feel a sense of anticipation as this approaches, but the first time it just smashes onto the stage – not unlike a fast car speeding down the road. KNY’s voice is perfectly suited to this kind of melodic development, the depth of his opening vocal creates a powerful contrast with what comes later. His intensity and energy combine to create a totally artistic and entertaining moment of vibrancy.

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