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Pretty Lady
Mike Williams' Paul
Mike Williams

Pretty Lady

by Mike Williams

“Pretty Lady” by Mike Williams is a great song that has a different level of character and personality in the sound every time it’s played. The musical background has a unique twist to it. A vintage-style soundscape, and a soft and soulful ambience, but also; Mike Williams’ songwriting and performance are undeniably true to his own artistic approach and style. Always a pleasure to listen to, there’s certainly creative freedom there, but the recording and songwriting also tip their hats to some of the indie songs from before, and for this reason, an element of nostalgia is thrown into the mix. Just adds another reason to love the track.

Mike Williams is a singer/songwriter based in Raleigh, NC. His influences include the Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Klaatu, Collective Soul and many other bands and artists. Mike’s unique style and fusion of his influences shine through in his collection of inspiring and relevant songs, which he hopes will help awaken your inner self.

The sound itself has all the best parts of indie and pop – the riffs, the live and organic sound, the clever and charismatic lead vocals – plus all the energy and memorability of great songwriting. The track develops by using a rather mellow verse section; Telling the story, building the soundscape, and then quickly evolving into a full-on, high-energy song with an amazing vocal section.

The way the track opens is a big part of what grabs your attention. The music has a distant and dreamlike feel, and what follows is more of that reflective and dreamlike essence that reinforces the genuine sincerity and emotion with which the artist creates his tracks. With all this, the sharp, indie-infused edge creates a striking contrast. And, the hook impresses – it uses a fairly simple but effective melody, and the lead vocals it delivers use every ounce of passion and power to bolster the soaring energy heights. Also equipment; Everything surrounding these critical moments adds weight to the final effect.

There are a lot of styles touched upon in the song, and it’s very interesting to listen to, but you don’t really focus on these individual ideas – as mentioned, the music acts as one, and the song leaves you alone. As soon as it finds you, what follows is an innate desire to listen again to really understand it.

Mike Williams' Paul

Mike Williams

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