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Mr. Death

by The Lyers

The Lyers are a Hardcore rap and heavy metal band with some live instruments piano, Drums, Trumpet and flute. They are located in Fort Walton Beach, FL, USA. Members include T – Bolt, RahQel, James Comanaprisil, Justin Gristina and Tron the Dub beach villian. Not only that they also have a successful YouTube show series.

Mr. Death is a song by The Lyers. It features T-Bolt as the victim and lead singer of the track. Mr. Death is represented by James Comanaprisil, RahQel on keyboards, Tev oh on drums, Justin Gristina on bass, and Curtis Endustrie on guitar. Recording and editing were done by T-Bolt, and mastering and music video was courtesy of Endustrie. This is the story of a man who wakes up and realizes that death has come. “Mr. Death” takes one of his victims on a whirlwind ride through his own life. T – Bolt begs for his life and tries to explain his actions and how he grew up, but Death knows there can only be one way.

Encompassing ambient, melodic and infectious rap rhythms, “Mr. Death” is mixed with musical weight and delicacy, infusing an instantly recognizable voice for a defiant edge of personality and character.

“Mr. Death” showcases the artist’s extraordinary vocal talents, nostalgic threads of vocal evolution, melodic to rap, and a funky simple yet colourful orchestration. The song uses well-constructed musical layers, wandering synths and a contemporary hip hop/rap beat to create a very diverse yet memorable listen.

Fascinating as always, but in a more modest way – nothing showy, just music and purpose, and a raw but charming, perfect performance. “Mr. Death” will make you want to listen again and again and it ensures a lasting overall impression.

The Lyers

The Lyers

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