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My Heart Is Beating

by Peter Torre

Piero Torre (born 18 April 1988), known as Peter Torre is an Italian DJ, record producer, and remixer. His musical style has been mainly described as EDM, House. The artist started DJing at the age of 14. In 2019, he performed at Miami Music Week and at boat parties in Miami and Nikki Beach. Later, he participated in the Amsterdam Dance Event in October 2019 & toured over Malaysia with Ancestrale Management. Late in 2019, Torre won the “Best DJ, Producer” Awards of Tour Music Fest held in Rome. In January 2020, he was invited to the Ministry of Sounds in London. In August 2021, ”By Your Side” was included in the Hit Mania Dance Compilation, the most Famous Compilation of Italian Dance music. Piero Torre has had many successful singles which have received tons of attention online, through countless YouTube views and Spotify streams. Piero Torre has also collaborated with and remixed music for the likes of Snoop Dogg, Jean Marie, Flo Rida. Now, in 2021 this gifted artist produced his latest release “My heart is Beating” performed by Luna Palumbo.

This track makes an elegant opening with Luna’s really interesting, grand vocals into a wonderfully powerful chorus and it is obviously very Piero Torre in style, with the almost fiery synths. This track is an almost mind-blowing track, with a vibrant undertone to it. The powerful vocals contrast remarkably with moderately sinister-sounding electronic facets to the instruments. “My heart is Beating” is a rapidly or clearly catchy track, particularly it is very well written and you will find yourself moving around to the flow of the music without you even knowing. It is just athletic, stunning with the merry subject matter, and is highly uplifting. “My heart is Beating” is certainly a smashing production by Peter Torre that portrays a rarely heard, bouncy and energetic side of EDM which is astounding! After successful releases like ‘Ended Game ’, ‘Don’t’, it is promising Peter Torre will have an illustrious career ahead with this huge production and it will be amazing to see how Piero Torre evolves in the future as a masterful producer.

Peter Torre

Peter Torre

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