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My Pain Is My Pain

by HoffaOTR

The talented HoffaOTR, with his new release, “My Pain Is My Pain” has continued to search for new variations, deeper grooves within his style, and moved on to sharper, melodic performances. With this new single, HoffaOTR continues to push himself to new vocal extremes. There are numerous highlighting parts of the song that literally showcase the artist’s musical virtuosity. “My Pain Is My Pain” is a sensational yet powerful track the arrangement makes for an extraordinary, slightly deep listen when taken in full. The production’s tone gets realistic, coating it with synthy, pastel romps about the struggle of being an up and coming artist and how you have to do the wrong things to live life right, also getting through the pain and making something out.

Subsequently, “My Pain Is My Pain” exemplifies some of the most tortured parts of HoffaOTR psyche. Thoughtful listeners might find the volatility of HoffaOTR’s voice and emotions from this track interesting and powerful. Overall “My Pain Is My Pain” is catchy, which makes it all the stranger. Here, the artist’s voice flows smoothly yet intensively by design, it generates something controlling and sharp. In addition to that familiar growl and expressive delivery marks the artist identity throughout the song. The name of the song suggests its own inversion, as it may read at the first glance, but everlasting, incomparable, influential. HoffaOTR has built up to this track skillfully, in a way that makes the listeners remember his name as an outstanding artist.

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