Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Douglas Fournet

Douglas Fournet is a popular pop singer in Seattle, WA. He loves Art pop, pop and RnB genres. Douglas loved music when he was a kid. He started to make music as a kid growing up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He showed his talent to music since his childhood. And he plans to move to seattle. After moving to Seattle he thought about a great idea. He decided and he wanted to make music that reflected the struggles of losing friends to mental illness, and his personal struggles with it. He hopes that both the lyrics and aesthetics of this Persephone album resonate with those facing similar struggles. Persephone album is his latest released album.

Last year Douglas Fournet released 3 singles on spotify. His songs on Spotify count their streams in the thousands. Those stats are indeed impressive. But what really set Lenken above all others are his music style. He fell in love with singing and started to create his own unique sound and also began writing lyrics wherever he can. And also he makes music from his garage and you’re probably listening to it.

‘LB’ is a song from the Persephone album. This creation is fantastic work. Music is so catchy and the lyrics are perfect. This young artist will do something special for this pop genre and his hope is pure as his heart. We are featuring him because of his music style. Listen to this incredible creation. You will like it.

Douglas Fournet

Douglas Fournet

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