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My Revolution
Red Bird Rising
Red Bird Rising

My Revolution

by Red Bird Rising

“My Revolution,” Red Bird Rising’s first single, is both a heartfelt love ballad and a powerful protest against violence. Many musicians contributed to this song, including bassist Ana Pshokina and lead singer Taras Kuznetsov. Diedrich Donald Weiss, the song’s songwriter and producer, was clearly motivated by a pressing feeling of urgency when he set out to create it. The song video was shot in Odessa, Ukraine, while Russian missiles threatened the city, demonstrating how the creative spirit can survive despite all odds.

Weiss is certain that something truly extraordinary happens when three or more musicians flow freely with the music’s inherent force. His music is powerful and emotive because of his conviction in its authenticity. Red Bird Rising’s “My Revolution” is an anthem for love and peace that will reverberate with listeners all around the world.


Red Bird Rising

Red Bird Rising

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