Hear it, See it Feel the Music.

Violent Night

by SamuriX

It’s time to update your music library with “Violent Night” by SamuriX. New York’s finest hyperpop EDM producer has dropped this single.

The “Violent Night” music video is now available on YouTube, and it is a visual treat. The electronic dance music (EDM) beats that SamuriX fuses together make for an infectious and interesting sound.

As a band, SamuriX has been performing and perfecting their sound for quite some time. Their abilities and originality are on full display in “Violent Night.”

You won’t want to sleep on this one if hyperpop or electronic dance music is your thing. If you want to learn more about the inspiration and process behind SamuriX’s music, you should follow the band on their various social media accounts.

I mean, why the heck are you still here? You may listen to “Violent Night” on YouTube. Both die-hard aficionados and casual listeners are sure to enjoy it.


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