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by Jordan Mac

Jordan Mac is an upcoming popular artist who comes from Rockford, Illinois. He found a passion for writing raps at 8 years old. Having been inspired by Eminem, 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and 2pac, this awesome soul always wanted to do something unique and awesome with his own pace of music.

His latest music video is “MY YEAR”. This song very well represents the sound that thrives in any long journey home. The starting instruments include a full band sound and some of the quirky, no doubt country-hip hop music.

It sets a great mood, the soundtrack is warm and uplifting, the music rising from verse to vocals really gives that hook effect. The gentleness of the music is slightly different from the underlying reality of the selected tones, with the wonderful vocals continuing in the background all of which have a somewhat serious mood. The melody is performed by the leading artist with absolute passion and sincerity. The development of music and performance brings a touch of classic hip hop sound, with the final moments focusing on the melody and the main idea, the concept and the title. It is a very well-constructed piece of music that flows through your headphones like the prayer of the day. However, the plot is very personal, and this story the way it makes you feel like a listener, the experience and character are true to the artist, keeping some connection and weight with him and ultimately adding an undeniable human element.

Throughout the entire release, there is a free-flowing or freestyle about performance. You will hear the passion and connection between the lyrics and the singer, which makes the song unique. “My Year” is an interesting song that stands out for a number of reasons. We can feel there are endless possibilities when it comes to songwriting, and there is something fresh and unexpected in the lyrics.

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