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Window Watcher

Window Watcher

by PrettyBxiDeath

PrettyBxiDeath is a masterly artist born in Mississippi Jackson. He always does his productions in Hip hop, Rap, R & B & Trap styles of music and his passion is to give the audience a good taste of these music. “Window Watcher” is his newly released music video and it consists of hip hop/ emo trap styles of music. “Window Watcher” is a three minutes and thirteen seconds video portrayal which is available on the YouTube platform.
The song actually starts with a very pleasing stream of sounds offering the listeners a very relaxed journey. The enhancing instruments used, allow the song to project a captivating sound while creating a unique vibe. The lyrics are perfect indeed. They are meaningful and thoughtful and create a perfect unison by blending with the sounds. They convey the title in an explicit manner. Thus, we can say that a brilliant song writing is also done by the artist and it has paved the way to make this song successful. Vocals projected by the singer are flawless. They are clear and passionate and give life to the lyrics of the song. Moreover, these exquisite vocals add a special brand of soul to the track. The visual of the song is unique to the extent and we can say that it is an expertly recorded video.
So, the interesting sound design that is going on in the track, the explicit lyrics, the iconic melody, the passionate vocals and the unique visuals have made the song more enticing and catchier. If you listen to “Window Watcher” you will surely have an on repeat for its distinctive musical flavor. So make sure to follow him if you want to listen to more of his productions.



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