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Near Me
1st Base Runner
1st Base Runner

Near Me

by 1st Base Runner

“Near me” is a three minute forty nine seconds music video released by the artist 1st Base Runner who comes from Austin, TX. 1st Base Runner approaches a variety of music genres. Alternative, Indie, Post-Punk are to name a few. His music styles are unique to him for they consist of very passionate vocals and music. In the music video “Near me”, 1st Base Runner has blended genres while adding some kind of special brand of soul to the mix. The song consists of a distinctive sound track which blends magically with the captivating tempos.
You will hear some interesting sound design going on in the track. They have made the track more enticing, catchier and a contemporary hit. The song begins with an amazing beat which will capture your attention immediately. The visuals even work in tandem with the beat. The lyrics are meaningful and they are indeed thoughtful words. These lyrics make the track better with each repeat. The backdrops used by 1st Base Runner for this music video are also very meaningful. They add colors to the track making the product an expertly recorded music video. Thus, it is sure that this affecting music piece would definitely make a deeper connection with the audience with the time.
Vocals done by the 1st Base Runner are also really impressive. They play an important role throughout the song. The audience is actually very much attracted to these passionate vocals. The explicit lyrics, innovative composition and the iconic melody blend perfectly with the artist’s vocals. So it is indeed true that this music video has created a unique vibe offering viewers a relaxing journey. This product is almost perfect with the sounds that are layered into its beat.

1st Base Runner

1st Base Runner

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