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No More

by Tea9

Tea9 is one of the gifted rappers from Michigan, who always delivers fiery music productions to his listeners. This year, the artist has come up with another top-notch banger highlighting his raspy flow, master-crafted hooks, injecting melody straight through the listener’s ears to the mind. This track witness that Tea9 is well placed to sparkle as a powerful star in the industry. This remarkable single “No More,” produced by Darryl Johnson and Ade Hakim, is created with a glamorous beat packed with sharp loops, and intriguing percussion. The instrumental lies somewhere between robust and sedate, and it is a rarely flawless backdrop for “No More” as the artist bestows a heavy delivery with powerful lyrics and subtle vocals.

More importantly, on this newest single, Tea9 flexes with his crispy, stunning raping style. It is absolutely pleasant to hear the way the artist lets the words slip like magic enthralling the listeners. This is great, not boring like most recent hip-hop trap releases. Tea9’s effortless singing remains dominant till the end of the track and always gratifying—blending with the heated beat into a great combination obviously sounds good to the ears. Overall, “No More,” is undeniably a massive production by the outstanding Tea9 with listening to. Subsequently, “No More,” is distinctly sharp and heavy around the edges. With these perfections, it is certain that “No More,” will mark its artistry in the industry in a memorable way.

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