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No Names Plz

by St Brendan L.A.

St. Brendan L.A.’s newest offering, “No Names Plz,” is a musical trip through the past and future. The electronic beats of this synthwave masterpiece transport the listener to a neon-lit ’80s landscape.

St Brendan L.A., a talented musician from the exciting city of Hollywood, California, has produced an excellent piece of synthwave music. Inspired by both the past and the present, “No Names Plz” features stunning drone shots over neon-lit skyscrapers and images of sleek motorcycles passing through the city streets.

The artist’s commitment to his craft is palpable throughout, making for a compelling listen that will appeal to fans of the genre and those just discovering synthwave. Filmed in a WWII artillery bunker and using rich melodies, St. Brendan L.A. has created a sonic tapestry that draws the audience into the world of “No Names Plz.”

Available on the SGBS Records album “Petal Called The City Smoke,” which features this entrancing track. Put on some headphones, relax, and let the pulsating rhythms of “No Names Plz” take you back to a world where synthesizers ruled and the sky was the limit.

St Brendan L.A.

St Brendan L.A.

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