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by 2WOPP

In “NO PEN NO PAD (FREESTYLE),” 2WOPP displays his lyrical mastery for the first time. 2WOPP, based out of Dallas, Texas, has a sound that is unrefined and authentic, and it will appeal to fans of Rap and Hip Hop.

To demonstrate his abilities as a rapper, 2WOPP offers “NO PEN NO PAD (FREESTYLE),” a high-octane and punishing track. The song’s passion and genuineness are conveyed via the beats and flow, while the lyrics provide an insight into the artist’s life and experiences.

The accompanying music video for “NO PEN NO PAD (FREESTYLE)” is slick and visually spectacular, as it takes viewers on a tour through the streets of Dallas. You can’t help but bop your head and sway to the pulse of this song, which is fueled by its electric beats and potent lyrics.

If you like Rap or Hip Hop, you should listen to “NO PEN NO PAD (FREESTYLE)” by 2WOPP. It’s the kind of tune that makes you excited to hear what else this gifted musician has in store.


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