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What An Afternoon
Peter Power
Peter Power

What An Afternoon

by Peter Power

Peter Power’s latest song “What An Afternoon” is a dreamy, lo-fi indie piece that encapsulates the essence of a languid day spent lounging around. The song has hazy, echoing guitars and gentle, whispery vocals that add to its laid-back mood.

The Liverpool-based singer is noted for his introspective lyrics and ability to create a pleasant, private atmosphere with his music. “What An Afternoon” is no exception, as it sweeps the listener into a world of carefree enjoyment.

The accompanying music video adds to the song’s attractiveness, including footage of a quiet afternoon spent watching TV, reading, and lying in bed. Overall, “What An Afternoon” is the great music to listen to when you need to unwind and take a vacation from the strains of everyday life.


Peter Power

Peter Power

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