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No Pressure

by 1up Tubb feat Gaw$

“No Pressure” is a song by the talented artists 1up Tubb feat. Gaw$ from Portsmouth Virginia. It was released on November 18, 2020, as their latest music output after a while. “No Pressure” is, however, a masterpiece in its own right. A bouncy yet laid-back r&b beats jam with deep lyrical undertones. The song’s visuals are there with the song and it clearly fulfils its purpose as a cherry topping. “No Pressure” is fascinating, the jittery drums and choppy voiced delivery establishing mosh-pit rounds like holes in the arena.

Both 1up Tubb and Gaw$’ elegance, charm and charisma, a gripping aura that follows them like a silhouette; they perform as if music vibrates in their veins, and deliver their vocals a deep, husky croon. “No Pressure Is”, a remarkable song that has spearheaded R&b, trap rap’ global expansion, it is soft, persuading drums and echoing, easy hook digestible for ears from all continents. Further, their incredible song “No Pressure” with hip-hop trap rap features amplifies their passion for music. The artists turn starkly inward, convincing themselves of their energy, and outside, prompting the world of its losses and its capability. Overall this song is a load worth listening to anyone who is in search of great music

up Tubb

1up Tubb feat Gaw$

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