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Bitter Sweet

by C-Steezee

From Hip Hop, Pop to Alternative Rock C-Steezee blends genres in a world of his own. Coming from Seattle, WA a city that is known for its underground music scene with a grunge type feel coming up with bands such as Nirvana Pearl Jam Jimi Hendrix and many more also travelling back and forth to West Virginia at an early age, a place known for John Denver & Bill Withers classic soul hits this blends the cultures further not to mention his biracial status. “Bitter Sweet” is a song by C-Steezee which was written by Chris Neal. It was released in 2021 via Spotify.

A song must have a meaning in it, especially when the song indicates the experience of our daily lives. This song is very deep because of how love makes the bitterness in Life fade away? But, unlike other songs that solely brings out the incredible lyrics of his song.

“Life’s bitter sweet the taste of lemonade
Love that is deep to take away the pain”

“Bitter Sweet” is very much like C-Steezee, which is rather mind blowing. It’s a decent song and it depicts C-Steezee heading for a new direction yet again. The track is built around a guitar accompanied by piano in the first half and an alternative rock style in the second half featuring electric guitar, bass and drums. The optimistic message of the song, and its two-part acoustic/anthemic composition, should be critically praised.

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