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“NO RESPECT” is the new music video released by the talented American artist TiLTEDMANE. Tiltedmane was born in Miami in Florida on the 20th of February in 2001. His related music styles are Hip hop, rap, R & B and Trap to be exact. However, as a young artist, he has a keen interest in making fascinating sounds and according to him, his ultimate target is to create music which the audience can easily connect to and be delighted. One might argue that his tunes are grim, but in reality they are not and if you listen to his song carefully, you will agree. Also it is important to state that it is TiLTEDMANE’s best friend who encourages him in all his work. He says that it is his best friend whom he counts on whenever he needs some assistance with music and rapping.
Although TiLTEDMANE is a new artist in the music field, he has been able to receive a successful feedback on his songs in SoundCloud. There are actually 200 000 views up to date to be exact. Especially when considering the song “Is water wet” by him, it became the trending after receiving 500 000 views on Twitter and received 3000 retweets. So his next aim is to reach up to 1 million in SoundCloud while making his path to be on the Billboard Hot 100 and other particular platforms of music.
In the music video “NO RESPECT” he has not just embedded a single style of music, but he has produced the song linking hip hop, punk rap, punk, rock and alternative rap. This is one of the tricks he does in order to make his productions diverse and captivating. So that it is difficult for someone to tell that sounds are similar to previous productions. Thus this music video is an amazing production which arouses the taste of rock and rapping. It is even better with the hip hop style which possesses an upbeat rhythm, relatable lyrics and the unique bassline.

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