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Aris Da Queen
Aris Da Queen


by Aris Da Queen

Aris Da Queen is an incredibly talented upcoming teenage artist who would amaze you with her performances. The artist kicks off with some truly perceptible production, “CRUSH” setting the expectations of the listeners particularly high on this soulful teenage artist. The song is gradually high-end, its elegance delivering something a little less forced hip hop music. The verse and bridge melody is undoubtedly impressive. You can practically hear Aris Da Queen ace it, establishing a unique identity for the young artist. A distorted electronic beat adds a stunning touch to the track, while Aris Da Queen’s amazing performance does a nice job with the exquisite lyrics. The delighted feel of the hook is particularly one of the track’s most distinctive moments. In a way, the song proves that Aris Da Queen can deliver a sound that exists outside of trends and eventually feels close to being timeless. “CRUSH” feels refreshing simply because we have not heard this kind of a great sound in a while from a teenage artist. Consequently, when it comes down to it, the song itself offers something new or unique for the audience. This song, “CRUSH” would surely make the listeners fly in their memory lane, to the past years they had a crush on this special one. Overall, it is certainly a positive thing to find such great talent in a young artist like Aris Da Queen as she is quite confident to deliver some of the strongest pieces of melody at the beginning of her musical journey.

Aris Da Queen

Aris Da Queen

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