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by MayaAgnes

The mesmerizing official lyric video for MayaAgnes’s newest composition, “Ocean,” is your chance to get acquainted with her heartfelt music. MayaAgnes is a Canadian singer and songwriter from the east coast who has earned a reputation for delivering songs with a dangerously soulful edge.

MayaAgnes has released some serious jams in recent years, including “Avalanche” and “Ocean.” While “Ocean” dives into the tumultuous road of using alcohol to dull heartache, “Avalanche” depicts the anguish and toxicity of a shattered relationship. MayaAgnes’s musical style is distinctly her own, while she draws influence from rock, R&B, and classical music.

MayaAgnes has been honing her skills as a composer, producer, and performer thanks to her training at the Royal Conservatory of Music and her work with experts at Noble Street Studios.

The music of MayaAgnes is an introspective look at the secrets and difficulties of the human condition, reflecting the artist’s own life. MayaAgnes’s powerful music and lyrics provide a means to emotional and spiritual wholeness and freedom.

MayaAgnes is the epitome of fortitude and creative freedom, and they’re based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Dive headfirst into her captivating universe, where the power of her words and music can change your life.


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