Hear it, See it Feel the Music.


by Grey Wind

Grey Wind’s newest single, “Home,” will take you on a fascinating musical adventure. In 2020, the 26 year old composer discovered NCS and was particularly moved by Warriyo’s single “Mortals.” Grey Wind has signed with Mojoheadz and Yoursoul, and we can expect his first release, titled “Home,” in the year 2023.

Grey Wind’s sound, while rooted in future bass, is elevated by cutting-edge electronic production techniques without losing sight of its primary goal: creating catchy hooks. His compositions can be identified by the classical violin and piano training he has received. Grey Wind, who made his name with symphonic works issued on labels like The Soul and Bengo, is now delving into the boundless potential of electronic dance music.

Grey Wind is an American musician that writes and performs music that attempts to combine genuine feeling with his own stamp. The song “Home” is a sonic adventure that combines exploration with a pleasant sense of nostalgia. Take a trip through Grey Wind’s beautiful musical landscapes and let his mesmerizing melodies carry you away to a haven of comfort and familiarity.


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