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Only Time

by Lanrete Alone

Memphis native Lanrete Alone is a multifaceted musician who has released a stunning new single titled “Only Time.” Lanrete’s musical skill is on full display as he takes listeners on an introspective journey through a fusion of indie and pop.

Lanrete Alone is a hard worker whose passion for bettering himself shows in his music and lyrics. His artistic development is reflected in “Only Time,” which displays a depth and maturity that connects with listeners.

Lanrete, a Texan by way of Dallas, draws inspiration from his environment to create music that is both familiar and new.

When listening to “Only Time,” keep in mind that Lanrete Alone is encouraging you to live in the now and appreciate the transitory beauty of this moment. Lanrete’s uplifting music and sincere lyrics convey a message of positivity and hope that will stay with listeners long after they’ve stopped singing along.

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