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Ghetto Cowboys
Mo Thugs Records
KrayzieBone and Mo Thugs Records

Ghetto Cowboys

by KrayzieBone and Mo Thugs Records

Brace yourself for a crazy ride as KrayzieBone and Mo Thugs Records take you on a voyage via the fusion of country and rap in their new single “Ghetto Cowboys.”

KrayzieBone, a veteran of the music industry and a member of the platinum-selling group Bone Thugs N Harmony, has teamed up with Mo Thugs Records to create an exciting new sound. The anthem “Ghetto Cowboys” features the lyrical skills of KrayzieBone and the infectious production of Mo Thugs Records.

The song draws on the history of country music as well as that of rap, combining urban narratives with a Wild West vibe. The songs and stories in “Ghetto Cowboys” are inspiring testaments to the grit and determination it takes to make it through urban life.

As the sun dips beyond the horizon, “Ghetto Cowboys” encourages us to celebrate our heritage, live without restrictions, and join together in harmony via music. Put on your hat and boots, because you’re going on a musical adventure like you’ve never experienced before!


Mo Thugs Records

KrayzieBone and Mo Thugs Records

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