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Open the Window


A new punk rock rendition of “Open the Window” by Israeli musician Vladimir Levintovich, performing as PANDTN, was just released. You may listen to the song for yourself on Spotify and hear Levintovich’s prowess as a singer, songwriter, and producer in his signature post-punk style. The song is both musically and emotionally complex, channeling the greats of alternative rock and new wave from the 1980s.

You may expect to feel a sense of nostalgia while listening to PANDTN, as their music is a mashup of punk, post-punk, and new wave. The publication of “Open the Window” demonstrates Levintovich’s commitment to making a name for himself in the music industry, as well as his obvious love of and skill for making music. As an independent musician who has broken through thanks to developments in home recording, his music is available all around the world. Use the buttons below to get in touch with PANDTN and listen to his wistful post-punk and new wave.




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